trešdiena, 2012. gada 28. novembris


Hey-hey! Just 21 day left... 

I will miss Borås and my friends, but I will always remember all of you. Now I have a lot of memories that no one else will understand, especially why I am laughing about Asparagus, cabbage soup, brlrllrlr & arrrg, lights(in Alingsås), beer pong, balloon/star/fork wars, "mesa goooing home", "Kids, no more candies for you", "It's not even a German song", Jackie Chan, IR, LMS, vectors, kartupelis, Tack & Varsågod, "I miss my home, miss my bed, miss my...", monkeys and fruit head, X&Y, bostader, Tunnlandsgatan (at the beginning tunnsmthg :D), last minute running, funny eyebrows video, Pasta Brancoli, and more, more, more....
I have had great time here, I am very thankful for that to all my friends here and to all my friends and my family in Latvia and especially to my Honey. Without them I wouldn't be here.
Now I even don't know how to say some words in Latvian, and I start to make new words...  will speak some English and Swedish for a while... ah, I need to apologize my Latvian language teacher.
I am happy that I am going home, and I will have Amelie as a gift for Christmas :)

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Amélie Girard teica...

Oh tank you so much darling !!!
I'm so glad to go with you for Christmas :D
Asparagus forever <3

Elīna Sniedze teica...

I am very happy that I met you, ma chérie! <3