svētdiena, 2013. gada 7. aprīlis


"Cause it's simple darling, 
I gave you a warning 
Now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces 
So watch them fall with you, in slow motion 
I pray that you will find peace of mind 
And I'll find you another time 
I'll love you, another time 

Explosions...on the day you wake up 
Needing somebody and you've learned 
It's okay to be afraid 
But it will never be the same..."

Sometimes it just happens.. a lot of explosions inside of me. And in these moments I don't understand myself. How can I ask to others to understand me.. I can be so angry or miserable, happy but sad.. Happens.. I am just a person like everyone else. I can make mistakes, and maybe for someone it seems I  have made wrong moves in the game of my life, but I make my own life. It is hard for me because "I've loved and I've lost"..... Now I need to solve everything by my own, because someone need to be grown up. I must be strong even in moments when I want to be weak. It was all so good and now falling down...

but life goes on..
and nothing is simple,
it is never easy as I would like,
never like you have planned to be.

P.S. Sad that all tickets to Ellie Goulding concert in Latvia are sold and I didn't get one...

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