otrdiena, 2015. gada 27. janvāris

Divvalodība - Bilingualism

Tā kā esmu sākusi daudz ceļot pa citiem blogiem, kuri lielākoties ir angliski un krieviski, nolēmu, ka arī man ir jāsniedz iespēja citiem saprast par ko es rakstu... varbūt arī man pieteiksies kāds sekotājs no plašās krustiņpasaules.
Priecīgus krustiņus!

I have started to "travel" to a lot of crosstitching blogs and they are mostly in Russian or English. So I have decided to write in two languages again and I hope someone will read my blog as well...

Happy stitches!

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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname teica...

Thank you for writing in two languages! I am in awe of the fact that you can speak five languages while I can only speak one and understand a little French (mostly grilles gratuities!)

I really enjoyed reading your 25 facts about yourself in another post. I was a librarian in a High School (ages 11 to 16) for a short while and now I work in a bookshop.

Thank you for joining my Gifted Gorgeousness SAL. You can still post in February if you have anything this month or wait until March to join in.