piektdiena, 2013. gada 31. maijs

Call out the sun!

Call out the sun
Roll away the moonlight
What's done is done
Dust upon the air
Call out the sun
Roll into a new life
A new day, my bird
And I will share

otrdiena, 2013. gada 28. maijs

The Little Red Thing...

          There are some things that we cannot choose by ourselves. Someone puts it in front of us and we don't even notice that we have stepped on it, we can just try to make right steps, right moves in this battle with invisible. It is so suddenly... with one or both legs, actually doesn't matter, because soon you will realize that you go deeper and deeper in it. Then we usually start to ask, why and how, and is it really meant to be like this? To go on or to stop here? 
And something fall down from me.  I think, what is this interesting thing in front of me? It is little and a bit red, with some damages, but it could be fixed if someone would try. It looks like it had wings before a while, but now they are broken. It was a cold night, and then I heard other footsteps in the darkness and was afraid. So I tried to hide, but I forgot to take my little red thing with me. Suddenly I saw how someone took my little red thing in his arms... I almost lost my balance for a while, I started to feel warm, to feel alive again. But then I thought why and how, and is it really meant to be like this? And I was afraid to let it go away with my little red thing. I need to be brave enough to say at least a word... 

otrdiena, 2013. gada 14. maijs


Sometimes when you feel lonely and miserable, when it seems like nothing goes right... There is someone who will make you smile no matter what. There is always someone who cares so you're not alone... and one dotted line says more than a thousand words ........ ;)

ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 2. maijs


So I'll be your clown
Behind the glass
Go 'head and laugh 'cause it's funny
I would too if I saw me
I'll be your clown
On your favorite channel
My life's a circus-circus round in circles
I'm selling out tonight